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The 1930‘s and 40‘s witnessed a high demand for local Karri and Jarrah hardwood timber and in 1944 under private ownership the town was bought “lock stock and barrel” by Millars Timber and Trading Company.

Construction of a steam-powered timber mill began along with locomotive sheds, office buildings, cottages to house workers, a worker’s club (now the Quinninup Tavern) and community buildings together with a school by 1949.

The first log was pulled out in 1946….in it’s timber milling hey day the Quinninup township grew to over 250 people and the timber mill was said to be the biggest in the state.

By the 1980’s timber milling was in decline and in 1982 Millars Timber and Trading closed the mill and it was sold to a private developer.

Some structures, including some of the worker’s houses and the hall were dismantled and sold. However, most of the houses, the workers’ club, school and store remain.
The old mill houses and the new houses on the bush-blocks surrounding Karri Lake are now homes to the residents of Quinninup.